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Back In Sydney

We had a VERY smooth ride over the Tasman from Auckland to Sydney. Coming in to land, however, all was fine until the pilot thought “sod it” and slam-dunked the plane onto the tarmac, at least we knew we had landed.

Auckland 21c – Sydney 35c – Slight difference! It is very nice to go out at night in shorts and a t-shirt and know the only time you will be cold is on the air-conditioned bus.

Narelle, Bob and family are, as always, proving they are Australia’s best hosts. Nic met me at the airport and, as always with Sydney, within five minutes of landing I felt right at home.

Today, I’ve had a walk around the opera house (just to let it sink in that I am back in Sydney) and tried to battle five billion people who keep getting in my way when I am trying to do some last minute shopping. Bah-humbug!

This is the first chance I’ve had to catch up on my emails since leaving work (now I have to pay for internet access you might not hear from me quite so often!), so if you’re still waiting for a reply, I am trying to work my way down the pile.