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Merry Christmas

I have been truly spoilt this year. It’s just coming up to 6pm on Christmas night and my tummy is fit to burst!

I arrived in Airlie Beach yesterday, the flight was delayed, but twas less than an hour late, so no big worries there.

Cath and Ivan’s house is amazing. I have my own ‘addy flat’ downstairs, massive place, bigger than some flats I’ve stayed in! Huge TV in the corner, almost as tall as me and my own bathroom, so I might just move in!

Tori, the daughter of the house, is great fun and got a big pink bike from Santa. She was so excited and taken aback by it all that she lost the power of speech. I’ve never seen a toddler so quiet. Seven month old Luke has massive blue eye’s and is so well behaved (famous last words!).

I bought Cath and Ivan a webcam for Christmas because I know Cath has a lot of family back in England that will love to see the kids ‘live’. Both Cath and Ivan are, let’s say, ‘technically challenged’ so I knew they wouldn’t have one! Problem was, when Cath opened the pressie this morning, she had in her hand the chocolates intended for Ivan’s mum (who was hosting Christmas dinner). That meant the WebCam had been in the fridge all night, to stop it ‘melting’ and the liquefied chocolates had sat under the tree! Ooops – oh well. Squishy chocolate anyone?

Elva and John’s house is beautiful, on top of a hill over looking the bay and some of the Islands of the Whitsundays. We had massive BBQ prawns, scallops and lot’s of great food. The company was lovely and the best thing about it was, on the opposite side of the world I managed to have a great family Christmas.

We are going to Andrea and Brian’s tomorrow for lunch and then I have just one more whole day before jetting back to Sydney.

I’m just about to start phoning home now, but at this time of night on Christmas evening all the international lines are busy. The last Christmas I was in Australia it was taking up to 40 minutes for a dial tone. So if I don’t get through I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.

Have a great chrsitmas, wherever you are in the world.