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Christmas in Airlie

The four days I spent in Airlie over Christmas have whizzed by. I had a great time, thanks to the Paterson Clan and it was nice to catch up with everyone.

Boxing Day A cricket match at Andrea’s and Brians with temps in the high 30’s made an interesting afternoon. I think I lost about 95% of my body fluid, but 400 litres of Diet Coke soon sorted that out. The lunch was very nice, and then back at Caths in time for ‘World Idol’ (Come on Will, you’re better than the fro!)

Dec 27th 2003 With blue skies and temps pushing for the 40’s we all went to Bowen, a small seaside town, about 45 minutes north of Airlie to visit on of Caths friends. Twas a hot, hot day and I caught a bit of sun when taking some photo’s on the beach, but hopefully you’ll like them

On the day I flew back to Sydney the blue had gone and replaced with stormy skies. I was at the front of the plane (thanks for the top-tip Ivan, got fed first!) and the hostess sat opposite. She was telling us, as we were taking off, that they had aborted one landing on the way in to Airlie because of the storm, NOT the kind of thing you want to hear as you are taking off. But we had a smooth ride all the way to Sydney.

Sydney was a very pleasant 22c when we landed, nice and cool. I think we have rising temps, back into the 30’s forecast for the start of the week, with a chance of a storm on New Years Eve.

STILL not sorted out New Year, but as long as I see the fireworks I don’t really mind. I’m more looking forward to ‘The Lion King’ on the 1st Jan.