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Okay, a tad indulgent, but I have just booked myself on a fly-cruise-fly package to Milford Sound tomorrow morning with Air Fiordland. So instead of driving the eight hour round journey I am flying down to Milford. Then I’m taking a cruise around the Fiorland, Milford Sounds, out to the Tasman Sea and back again. I am then flying back again to Queenstown.

Weather permitting, I will be taking off at 8am, it should be an amazing trip, and for ¬£100, it’s damn good value as well.

I hope I don’t offend anyone, but … I am a little under-whelmed by Queenstown. I think I’ve been a victim of muchos over-hype. Don’t get me wrong, I like the place and it is pretty, but I had heard so many people really rave about the place that I was expecting something dazzling. It is a nice place though, and my base for at least two days.

One thing that doesn’t really help is the fact that the hostel is in the middle of town, and there is no parking, I had to park ten minutes walk away and walk all my stuff to the hostel. I even managed to drop a pair of boxers in the middle of the street, some old bloke shouted ‘er mate, you’ve dropped yer undies BLESS!. I’m in an EIGHT bed dorm which will be hot and noisy and is on the bottom floor facing the waterfront green, so we’ll have a lot of noise outside as well. Oh well, some you win.

I did meet a girl last night who had just come from a three month trip through South America, so I picked her brains ‘good’n’proper’. I managed to get some great ‘top-tips’ from her, which will help a lot. That’s the great thing about backpacking, ask around enough and you’ll find someone who has done the trip you want to do and you can get some first hand knowledge for free!