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Milford Sound: Fly-Cruise-Fly

Yet another great trip. Bit of an early start at 6:30am, but after phoning in to make sure the weather was clear enough to fly, it was all go. It was overcast very high up, but clear enough for us to get great views of the mountains and lakes around Queenstown.

We flew in a 6 seater Cessna plane, I had the co-pilots seat (again) which meant I got great views from the cockpit. The 30 minute flight down to Milford Sound was amazing, and took us over the mountains where a lot of ‘Lord of the Rings’ was filmed. The flight was really good enough to be the trip itself.

We landed on a tiny airstrip in Milford and made our way to a big tourist-type- cruise MV. The two hour cruise along the Fiord has spectacular views of snow capped mountains, suspended valleys and massive waterfalls. We even got to see seals playing around some rocks.

As always I took four billion photo’s. After the cruise, it was back on to the plane for the flight home. The pilot took us home via a different route and we got a good ‘birds-eye-view’ of New Zealands highest waterfall (The worlds fifth largest). We seemed to almost touch the jagged peaks as we transversed three mountain ranges. We saw glaciers and lakes nestled near the tops of glacier gouged valleys as we dipped and soared between the tree line and the snowline.

We had some great views of Queenstown as we came back in and I even saw my beautiful blue bus parked on the road as we flew past.

Vicky’s friend Kirsty is also here in Queenstown. It sounds like she is doing a very similar journey around the South Island at about the same pace as we will be meeting up in Wellington on the 6th Feb and travelling up to Auckland all together. We keep missing each others calls, but hopefully we’ll be able to meet up for a few beers before hand.

Other than that, I’ll be travelling to Duneden tomorrow and start my East Coast journey on Wednesday.

So far the time budget is well in hand and I have two days to spare

The money budget isn’t doing quite so well, with all these plane/helicopter flights, have to tighten belt a little if I am going to keep out of the reserve fund before leaving New Zealand on the 15th February.