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It’s a small world – My world famous beautiful blue bus.

On my way from Queenstown to Dunedin I noticed this young couple hitching. The heavily pregnant woman was holding a hand scribbled sign for Dunedin, and as I’ve been starved of company for the last few weeks, I decided to stop of and pick them up.

As they were putting their bags in the back the girl said excitedly to her husband, “look, it’s the Van Man, this is the Van we keep seeing all down the West Coast”

Now, I love my Beautiful Blue Bus, but even I have to admit that it’s not especially significant from all the other blue vans around for anyone to take special notice, BUT….

In a window on each side of the van I have written a small note that reads “Please note, nothing of value is left in the van whilst unattended”

apparently, they had noticed this small note when I was parked up in some beauty spot, and thought it was so polite (they are Canadian!) and so funny that they and a group of friends had had a heated debate as to whether it will make any difference. They also kept seeing it in other beauty spots down the West Coast, but until now had never seen the driver.

It is indeed a very special beautiful blue bus.