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¡Hola! Buenos Aires

Just before I go to bed for the second time for the 15th february I would just like to say that Buenos Aires is absolutly ALIVE with a spirit, even on a Sunday night. The tree lined streets half hide crumbling balconies that look like they are going to collapes under the weight of the pot plants entagngled on them. Latin American music does actually drift down on to the street from the odd house (but so does Kylie and Madonna). There are so many beautiful people dressed in beautiful clothes it´s hard to remember you´re not in Paris.

I have been twice mistaken for a local this afternoon, which just shows the tan has paid off! Armed with this boost of confidence I decided to by-pass McDonalds (as I´m a local) and go to a very local restaurant. I walked through the carefully disguised whole in the wall at the front of the building and made my way up to the strip-lighted formyca table and pointed and grunted and nodded till I got something that resembled a meal. I have no idea what it was, but it was lovely. The drink I didn´t think I ordered, but came with it, slightly resembled a urine coloured lemonade which tasted quite bitter.

At about five I was trying to think about how I was going to stay awake till a decent hour to get my body clock back in sinc.

Didn´t have to worry, the buzz from the city kept me awake and when I got back to my hostel about 2 hours ago, the people of Buenos Aires decided to put on a welcome carnival IN MY STREET. That made time fly and about 10,000 lined our road – Did they all come out to see me – I like to think so!!!

You can get special cans of foam here that shoot about 10 feet in the air (or as all the kids were doing, 10 feet right into the face) Everyone was covered. I got a few squirts but escaped narrowly. It was very funny to see the faces of mothers and grandmothers as they got a blast in the face, Thunder doesn´t quite cover it, they were so not happy!!!

The hostel/hotel had lost my reservation from so the owner, instead of a three bed dorm, upgraded me to a double with private bathroom. Trouble is that tomorrow I have to move rooms.

Anyway, the jet lag has REALLY started to kick in and I can hardly see the screen, I´ll correct the mistakes and hopefully it will make sence.