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The National Park of Tierra del Fuego

Today I have walked, walked and walked some more!

17km in total on and around the coast of the Beagle Channel in the The National Park of Tierra del Fuego. The coastal walk is meant to be one of the top ten in Argentina, and it was very good. I started walking at 10am and I knew the bus back to Ushuaia was dur at 5pm

With half an hour to go and all the signs pointing to the end of the path saying it was a 30 minute walk, I though I would get a wiggle-on to make sure I wasn´t left behind.

Trouble was, half way along the last section I stumbled across a beaver dam and there, swimming about was a beaver. A day time sighting is quite unusual as they are creatures of the night. I watched for a short while but frightend him off trying to get the canera back out of the bag (bloody velcro). I sat for ten minutes to see if I could see beaver again, but no, twas not to be.

This made me late for the bus, but as I stumbled out of the bushes, it sailed right past.

Luckily the driver was the same guy that had dropped us off and 15 minutes late! He must have noticed me because I heard the bus break on the gravel road and then reverse at speeds scotty would be proud of. The reverse speed was an indication of the forward speed, we hit 95km on GRAVEL roads, going around corners that two cars could pass if the drivers breathed in.

I am waiting now for Alba´s lovely dinner, she cooks each night, and I think, if my hinting has paid off, we have sea-food on the menu.

Please Note: To all those with gutter-minds, the beavers of which I write are the aquatic kind