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Off to Iguacu Falls this weekend

12 more sleeps before hometime

I have booked a flight for Sunday going to Iguacu Falls. The people I have met, who have been, absolutely rave about them. The are a collection of falls rather than one big one, so don’t get into the record books like Victoria Falls or Niagara Falls, but apparently, on a scale of beauty and awe, they are right there at the top.

I think it’s going to be a great end to my trip (of course I still have a few days in Madrid and Barcelona, but they are more like ‘half-way-houses’ for getting home)


Can you believe that in Buenos Aires Cadburrys produce a nut chocolate bar and a raisin (fruit) chocolate bar, but NOT a fruit and nut chocolate bar. I have been forced to buy and eat both at the same time!


In Buenos Aires it is cheaper to by a litre of wine than it is to buy a litre of milk, My cornflakes taste wonderful.